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The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan

A found-footage, mystery/horror film

Burt Grinstead, Anna Stromberg, and Paul Odgren

From the award-winning creators of the theatrical hit, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde comes the quirky, found-footage thriller and Cult Critic Movie Magazine award-winner, The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan.

Synopsis: A young journalism student decides to return to her hometown to investigate a brutal murder that took place thirty years prior. Without much hope of finding any real answers, she interviews a series of local characters, all of whom leave their own bewildering take on the legendary Mulcahy Murders in her student film. As the facts unravel, she begins to realize that this cold case murder may not be so cold after all. Along with the help of the handsome deputy police officer, Patrick Rooke, she begins to uncover the horrifying truth of what really happened that night thirty years ago. As she gets closer to discovering the truth, she edges even closer to her own demise. Will her blind ambition overtake her desire to survive?

Burt Grinstead (co-writer, director, co-producer, and lead actor) is an actor/writer/director/producer. The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan is his first venture into film directing. He’s from a small town in Massachusetts and now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He has appeared in many television shows and movies. One of his more memorable roles was in Roger Corman's Death Race 2050 in which Grinstead played the vain villain Jed Perfectus. Grinstead is a theatre performer at heart and continues to make appearances on stage in Los Angeles and New York City.

Anna Stromberg (co-writer, co-producer, and lead actor) lived and worked in New York City for ten years performing in various off-Broadway theatres. She was a longtime member of the edgy Amoralists Theatre Company, originating roles in collaborations with Daniel Aukin, Adam Rapp, and Lyle Kessler. She won critical acclaim for her portrayal of Vanda in Venus in Fur by David Ives at The Cape Fear Playhouse. She won Best Actress at the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress at the Wilmington Theatre Awards, and along with Grinstead, won The 2Cents Distinctive Voices of Theatre Award. She also stars in Well Wishes on Netflix, and can be found on YouTube in her self-produced cooking channel Last year, Stromberg directed a renowned production of David Harrower’s Blackbird at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan was directed by Burt Grinstead. It was produced by Burt Grinstead, Anna Stromberg, and Paul Odgren. The story is by Burt Grinstead and Rob Runyeon.  It stars Anna Stromberg, Burt Grinstead, David Nash, Maureen Keiler, Denise Walker, Jimmy Driscoll, and Matthew Pelieci. Sound mixers were Paul Odgren and Colin Shepard. Production Designer was Lily Bolles. It was edited by Burt Grinstead. Sound design was done by Cem Dursun.